I surely saw the one you had in the morning and i loved it, am getting addicted to your art!! So i leave you here the review? It's my pleasure to do it :) i been buying her dps from a little while now and every single cent is worth it. She does a really amazing job, whenever i ask her for a custom order i always get way more than i expect. She is a very nice and kind person, she always responds so fast and understand real life situations. There is no doubt that she is a great artist maker and i wish more people could know about her art because i'm sure everyone would be as pleased and amazed as i am with her work.

Absolutely amazing artwork! I loved ordering from Yannomi!
She is supper nice and supper quick to respond! A very great customer service! Her premades a stunning and she always offers a wide variety to choose from! Definitely worth every penny!

I have been buying Yannomi art for about a few months now and i have to say i have been very pleased with the outcome of the artworks and her services.  She's awesome and very friendly! I cannot wait until i get my custom :) !

Yannomi is a very skillful artist. I love how realistic her art turns out. Been buying her premades lately, and will someday request a custom art from her. I will recommend to anyone who is looking for an imvu display picture.

I have been a customer of Yannomi for years now and i can happily say, i'm in awe of yannomi's incredible work. I always find myself routinely checking in on her website even if i'm not purchasing just to look at all the amazing works of art. I've purchased a lot of art from yannomi and never once been disappointed. Yannomis customer service has always been quick and efficient with great value always guaranteed. I can't put into words how much i love your work yannomi and can't wait for more, thank-you!!! ❤

Loved ordering for yannomi :]. Excellent customer service and my art request was completed within a few hours ! The prices are worth it because she really gives you very high quality art work :] 
one of the best artist i've seen so far.

Love her artwork very unique will buy from her very often!really will recommned to anyone looking for a premade cheap price

I own a few of nomi's artwork now, and i have to say you can see how much work she puts into each piece. Her dedication to make her art beautiful is very apparent, and rather it has been a custom piece i've ordered, or a premade i'd loved each one - and her attention to details.

What can i say about the artwork i got from yannomi? It's one of my all time favorite pieces i've gotten. I love how it turned out and she followed what i requested to the . The way that it was all painted is simply beautiful. You can see that she put in the time and effort to make each piece to look absolutely incredible. I love my custom piece of art and if i could, i would order from her again

I have purchased a few pieces now from yannomi,her work is exceptionally unique and beautiful.she's always professional and quick to respond, its always a pleasure to buy from her.

She is a wonderful artist who i look forward to buying from again in the future! C;

For some time now i have been buying both yannomi's premades and customs. Every single time she's never failed to please me with the outcome of the work. Just by looking at the artwork you can tell she takes her time and gives you what you want in the end.

The thing about yannomi's art is that it's unique, beautiful and downright gorgeous.  no matter what picture it is it will captivate you. Just by looking at the artwork you can tell she takes her time and gives you what you want in the end. Yannomi is an amazing artist and i will definitely be buying other artwork from her

Yannomi is such an amazing, talented artist and just as lovely and kind to talk to when ordering. I love the detail in each artwork, the tones and colours match perfectly. I also lovehow many versions of the one art piece she provides, with names or no name, filters, angles and backgrounds. There's a lot of variety which is refreshing. I will be definitely be purchasing again. Xx