S T A T U S : O P E N 
I N F O : 
So, as i've been asked few times already - decided to make also custom part of my arts. Those are biger avi arts, not only dp sized images. 
You will recive few color versions + few dp crops. 
You can choose one of few options listed below. 

About payment - you sent half before, and half when art is done.  It's the ensurance i will not waste my time, cause that kind of edits takes some time. 
And if i will make your order and you will dissapear, won't pick it up or just do not wanna it - my work should be paid in some part.

To order message on IMVU
There is no form for customs ; )
just send me reference pictures and describe what you want - and email this to me -
If you're my regular customer - i can make a promo deal with customs! Just ask ; )

P R I C E S :
t y p e #001 
♦ it's just repaint of photo you will give me. - bust size!
♦ no changes to a picture you wanna have repainted (maybe some little ones, but ask first).
♦ you can choose your photo, or your partner, or just some photo found online. 
Price:  90-100 usd
t y p e #002 
♦ it's the mix up of few photos, just combo style. Bust size
♦ you can ask for changes, edits here.
♦ if any more things needed - ask. 
Price:  100-130 usd
t y p e #003 
♦ its for bigger size than just bust repaint - full body or smth like that. - full / half body
♦ mainly repaint of one photo, but can ask for changes or combo style - price might get bigger 
♦ if any questions - ask. 
Price: 130-150 usd
 t y p e #004 
♦ its for couples repaints. - couple
♦ it's just repaint of photo you will give me. 
♦ can do some changes - just ask : )
♦ if any questions - ask. 
Price: 150-180 usd

E X A M P L E S :