Terms of use and rules

Accepting paypal payments only

please read those rules before you place your order.
If you do not agree to them - do not order.

Terms of services
- i do not make changes in existing premades. Also dont make changes in finished customs.
Its your responsibility to be specific while ordering a custom one
- please be patient - remember i have also real life ; ) i always try to send ordered arts asap.
- no refunds!
- remember i can decline your order.
I can do that when image is too blury, too dark/overlighted or poor quality.
Or when i don't feel inspired to make it.

Privacy agreement
- i will need your email, so i can send u finished art.
- by placing an order - we both accept our privacy: keep the information (paypal, email, name) to ourselves, and will not use those information for anything else besides orders and art services.

Copyright policy
- do not resell any part of my artwork.
- do not copy/recreate my work.
- do not claim the arts you've purchased as your own (dont tell that you've made them)
- do not use any of my pictures without my permission
if i will find out that you did not obey to those rules - i can take legal steps.

It can take up to two weeks to finish your custom, and 72 hours to send premades.
I do not work on weekends.
The time depends on the amount of work i'll have atm.
Please be patient, i will cancel your order if you rush me.