• $69.00


All premades include few background versions. 6 textless DPs and 6 with Your name on it (remember to include it in the note for Seller when purchasing). You can not edit premade (well, You can make it black and white or something like that, but do not edit it as it will look way different). 

Please read the TOS before ordering. If you do not agree to them - do not order.
If i will find out that you did not obey to those rules - i can take legal steps.


 T O S 
- be patient! Do not try to rush me, if you don't like to wait - do not order.
- i do not make changes in existing premades. Also dont make changes in finished customs. 
Its your responsibility to be specific while ordering a custom one.
- no refunds!
P R I V A C Y 
- i will need your email, so i can send u finished art, so please add it to note for Seller when purchasing
- by placing an order - we both accept our privacy: keep the information (paypal, email, name) to ourselves, and will not use those information for anything else besides orders and art services.
C O P Y R I G H T S 
-do not resell any part of my artwork.
-do not copy/recreate my work.
-do not claim the arts you've purchased as your own (dont tell that you've made them)
-do not use any of my pictures without my permission